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Uniform Store

Create Your Custom Catalog!

Brand Management

Control Your Look!

Fulfillment Services

Leave The Process To Us!

Our Services

Printing Services

Flyers, Postcards, and More!
We offer a full range of printing services, from one color business cards to full color flyers and more! If you can dream it, we can print it!

Tailored Storefront

Pick the Products You Want
With over half a million SKUs to choose from, you can select what products, colors, and sizes to show your employees. Customize what people can see, down to the individual employee!

Admin Portal

Be the Boss You Want to Be!
Have direct access for all your admin needs without having to access a seprate portal. View orders, add employees, review invoices, and more!

Custom Decorating

Uniforms Need an Identity!
Plain uniforms are boring! We can embroider your logo and an employee's customizable name to most garments. Bulk silk-screening is also available!

Promotional Services

Pens, water bottles, bags!
Do your employees want company swag to show off? From flashlights and pens to USB drives and golf balls, if it can get a logo on it, it can have YOUR logo on it!

Same Day Shipping

Why Wait?
For special circumstances (i.e. new hires), we can keep special stock ready to go for those occasions where time is critical!

Branding Services

One Logo. One Place.
How many places have your logo? How many of them are consistent? Bring your branding under one roof and eliminate unnecessary variance!

Message System

Communication is Important
Have a question about a product or order? Communicate with customer service from your dashboard! You can also contact fellow employees as well!

PM Account

Spending Power You Need
Want to order product for the branch? Need to replenish stock? Access your PM store with a joint login while keeping your personal account separate!


Keep Them Separate!
New Hires? Welcome Gift? Special Event? Put employees in a group! Group members see a different storefront and have order requirements before they checkout.

Inventory Housing

Store All The Things!
Have a warehouse sized inventory, but no warehouse? We can house your inventory and ship it to you or your customers when ordered!

Vinyl Signage

Shout to the World!
Yard signs. Storefronts. Decals. Magnets. From new locations to corporate advertising, make sure everyone sees you.
Fully Customizable. Rapidly Editable.
Our unique software can be built around the particular needs of your business. As your business needs change, the software can change along with it. Your changes appear within seconds, without having to wait weeks or months for an update.
  • You Decide Who Pays for What (Tax, Shipping, Embroidery)
  • Different Logos for Different Locations or Departments
  • Shipping Solutions to Meet Your Need & Budget
  • Live Inventory Reduces Canceled or Backordered Items
The Old Way
  • One Store for All

  • Limited Products & Brands

  • Uniforms Only

  • Separate Portal for Manager Access

  • Different Login for Branch Purchases

The Star Uniform Way
  • Individual Customized Stores

  • Large Selection of Brands & Styles

  • Uniforms, Apparel, Promotional, Printing, & More

  • Integrated Manager Portal

  • Linked Account for Branch Ordering

Some Of Our Brands
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